Although L’albero brand feels most at home in a city life, its idea and design are rooted in nature.

All three of us were growing surrounded by nature.  The inspiration for wooden bow ties was born inside – from love to nature and, especially, Lithuanian wood. Wood amazes us: each centimeter is different in its color, pattern and texture. In each bow tie wood reveals its unseen features and proves to be a unique material. By choosing the highest quality wood and bearing unique laser-cut designs we aim to become an accessory of a brave, stylish and modern city man.


Wooden Bow Ties

For many people, nothing beats the smell and beauty of a wood.  In the hands of craftsman it becomes the unique piece of art. L’albero bow ties are made of most various kinds of wood – from traditional Lithuanian oak, ash to luxury walnut or mahogany wood.

When handcrafting wooden bow ties, L’albero thrives on keeping a balance between city life and nature, style and character, luxury and simplicity. Natural materials turn into modern shapes and reflect original design details. This turns every man wearing L’albero bow tie into an ambassador of delicate taste and style.


From its origins in 2014, when L’albero presented its handcrafted wooden bow ties for Lithuanian market, it became the first such brand in Lithuania. Since then, it thrives on being an accessory of every fashionable man by

An accurate work of a craftsman, careful selection of wood and other materials, respect for needs and preferences of customers, and reflection of colors, styles shaped by urban lifestyle – that is a daily life of L’albero team. Everything done for one reason – to make Him special.