L’albero bow tie is the choice of a company which: understands that every successful business has well-developed business relationships and appreciate its partners; wishes to show the appreciation in an unusual way for its employees who put extra efforts and reached good results. This slightly unusual though smart choice of a wooden bow tie will show how much you value their relationship, efforts, time and reached results. This unique gift will become an exclusive evaluation.


Wooden bow tie is a smart choice for any occasion – from gentlemen’s night at a whiskey bar to a stylish event. It will create a smart, fashionable, but not too formal look. Stand out from a crowd will become so easy. Everyone wearing L’albero bow tie will need much more time to accept the compliments and praises from others, than he needed to create that look.



Brave ideas always hide something unique and unseen. As so, we are welcoming any idea you have, even if it is the most unexpected one.  If you know what choice of wood, pattern and shape will make You, Your Friend or Special One happy – leave us a message. We will join our forces and work together in order to create an accessory that reflects a personality best. We want You to be and feel most Yourself, and Him to be and feel the most Himself.